heath ledger stan.
canadian. nineteen.
i live by the sea.

mockingjavs: taylor !! i think you're extraordinary and extremely talented in everything you do, from articulating things in conversation to writing beautiful threads / passages and editing / making graphics. you're a super a+ sweetie whenever i talk to you, and it's clear that you're a very humble person, albeit admirable and gifted. u v u - aNON

oh my god, my baby nala. you’re such a cutie & such a sweetheart oh my lordy. i was so not expecting such a gracefully selfless & loving message anytime soon in my inbox, but i am so entirely grateful that i found you in here. this is such a golden message & i will treasure it forever, thank you so much. xoxox. bless.

winchestered-demon requested: is it possible for you to make an Elijah Wood gifset please?

i hardly believe in ghost stories, Captain Barbossa.

embrace the probability of your imminent death, & know in your heart that there’s nothing I can do to save you.

on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

welcome to the caribbean, love.

if he wants me broken, then I will have to be whole.